Burn, Bite – Leave nothing sight


In anger I remained silent and still. I never had the guts to hurt to someone in real life. I always bottled it up.

But as a human teen, I too have destructive urges. My prime urge is bite, so hard that it cracks bones. That’s why a beetle to represent jaw strength and also my forementioned silence. (I have a thing for insects, they are always underappreciated, considered gross and unnecessarily killed, which makes me angry.)

At times I get the urge to burn things. The sadist inside would want to do that but the empath in me would be destroyed by it. Hence the flame is on me to represent the bottled up anger leaking out and ending up in burning my own self.

I put fire on the beetle maxillae to represent my hate towards burning bugs using magnify glasses and also cause they look like matchsticks which I see myself using to burn a house down.

Thank you for reading ❤

Also special thanks to @spikethebeetle on instagram for the inspiration. bon2x

Check him out!

li’l Spike facts: he isn’t all black! He’s got shiny copper epaulets on his shoulders. ✨ A mighty general.

A post shared by Spike the Beetle (@spikethebeetle) on Aug 6, 2017 at 2:13pm PDT



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