Boy dancin’ in shower

Meet Matt. He works as a waiter in a small restaurant. Couldn’t afford to go to university after he was kicked out.

An old friend of his took him to see The artRave. Since then, he can’t stop twirling around the tables with plates on his palms and brandishing his finest moves in the shower. Matt’s got three fans who fill in the seats at his every show, Robert the Rubber duck (a stalker fan), Todd the toy shark (who’s always mesmerized by the size) and Suzie, Robert’s step sister (just a casual fan).

Everyday he picks up the Koons Bath Bomb™ and belts out ALL of his #1 hits, leaving his colleagues and land lady angry as they can’t buy tickets to his show.



I went in to experiment with a different art style. The painting is way simple with focus on representation of the Matt’s different worlds (dull and red for reality and glitter and blue for his dream world). I also went in for a dark storyline (Do you get it?) to add on to the appeal. Also didn’t choose proper lighting to give it a dirt filled effect.




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