Fascination and Inspiration

(The featured image is from a Lev Grossman’s fantasy novel ‘The Magicians’. A small glance at the Major Tom reference, made me think quite a lot.)

1969 – David Bowie – Space Oddity
/The circuit broke there’s something’s wrong
Can you hear me Major Tom?

I never knew there were so many Bowie references around me. I guess that’s what being a legend truly means. Its not necessary for the world to know your name or the title of your greatest work. (Do you know who authored the classic, ‘Alice in Wonderland’?) 

Its the impact that matters. Its the fragments of your imagination that’ll stay in the world as words, phrases and references acting as the inspiration for the new generation. They’ll be fascinated.


Last week I was watching ‘Sgt. Frog’ and they had based a whole episode on 1983’s ‘Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence’. Pretty sure any kid would’ve overlooked it. Even I didn’t notice until they took his name. So what was the point in putting it in? Was it a tribute? Did they run out of ideas or were the writers pulled in by fascination? Or were they inspired? Whatever the case was, it was the work of stardust.

Even when the people would stop using a character’s name to describe themselves, the legend would still remain unbothered.

Maybe I am fascinated too???

Thank you for reading ❤
-xoxo, Avneesh


(Lewis Caroll)  


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