Goddess Kali and Katy Perry – My Opinion on the Instagram Post as a Hindu


The reason why people are overreacting is because they perceive Katy as a foreigner who as a Christian has no right to use something which doesn’t belong to her culture as an object for her mood. That’s because we Hindus respect our gods and goddesses a lot and her act might be considered disrespectful as she’s bringing a goddess to her level and expressing her ‘mood’ through her. So if people are offended they’re not completely wrong.

But personally I’m with Katy on this one.

I’m a kind of a fan of hers and quite aware of how she is as a person. She’s a person who keeps the atmosphere light and fun (pretty much like her music) and that’s the thing I really like about her. Her ‘Part of Me’ was the first pop song I heard and it was honestly an anthem for me as I’m a kinda shy and eccentric person. And after that I fell in love with ‘Firework’ and ‘Roar’. I know she’s someone who would uplift others and not disrespect.

Now here’s why she isn’t wrong:

  1. The foremost reason is that she never knew any backlash would occur so she wouldn’t have done it on purpose.
  2. How she got hold of that picture : According to rumors she has a track called ‘Goddess’ coming up. She must be researching some ideas for the video and performances, found the picture, found it interesting (It definitely is) and shared it. (Oh boy, she’s gonna be in real trouble if she dresses up like a Hindu goddess .. I’m hoping she decides against that.)
  3. People who were commenting on the picture didn’t seem like her fans so they were unacquainted of: a) Her traditional Hindu marriage in India. b) Russell Brand (her ex-husband) was a Hindu (so I’m assuming she must have got to know a lot of things from him … cause you know you pick things up from your significant other) c) The Sanskrit tattoos which she and Russell got. She didn’t cover it up despite divorce, something you would do to get rid of rotten memories. (Its visible in the ‘Dark Horse’ MV and Superbowl XLIX performance meaning she is proud about it and won’t hide it.)vvvvvUntitledmmAlso I found this on Quora. mm
  4. Katy loves knowing more and sharing her fascination for different cultures. As shown in the Egyptian theme for ‘Dark Horse’ she’s pretty familiar with Cleopatra, the hand movement she does for the lyrics ‘Its in the palm of your hand now Baby’ is something Cleopatra used to do. Also she’s making wordplay on ‘Sarcophagus’ in the Behind the scenes video. This means she had done some research herself and it wasn’t just her producers. She mentions Aphrodite in lyrics too. Apparently she’s also a huge fan of Japanese culture. She performed in a Japanese theme for ‘Unconditionally’ at the 2013 AMAs. She still got a huge backlash for that Fantastic performance though. (It was the Americans who were offended though the Japanese were pretty chill about it.) She’s also shown a lot of other cultures as well but I think that’s enough. So I’m trying to say that people who were saying that, “Do you even know who our Kali Mata is and what she’s doing in the picture” should know that she most probably (if not 100% then 95%) knew about it. Pop stars might look and act dumb onscreen but they’re the best at their work. 
  5. A question you might ask is, “Why would she venture into other people’s culture and religion when she has her own – Christianity?” My best attempt to answer this question is that she doesn’t like Christianity as much. She grew up in a household where her own religion had suppressed her. She talked about it at the recent Human Right’s campaign and her infamous ‘Sold her soul to the devil’ dialogue is no exception. She wouldn’t say that otherwise, would she? Personally I believe she’s more inclined towards Science (like her bff Sia) but if she wants to convert to Hinduism, let’s welcome her with open arms. 
  6. My family is extremely religious. We’re into Yagyas and stuff. So it might come as a surprise to you but my mom is a big Katy Perry fan. She has her music in her smartphone. She enjoys her videos and wants me to go to her tour and meet her. Weird, no? (that’s because of #3 btw) So I showed the Instagram pic to her as soon she posted it and she was well impressed by it. She said, “I knew she liked Hinduism.” Next day when I see stuff about the backlash in the News I asked her opinion and she said, “Its Alright, She probably wanted to express that she was feeling like a strong female.” She was honestly surprised about the backlash as according to her we should be accepting towards others who show interest in our religion and not hate on them. Our religion never teaches us to hate on others.

Also let me the address the haters who were saying to the people who supported her on the picture that, “I am a real Indian and this is not right etc etc” well I’m a full fledged religious Hindu who enjoys visiting temples, reads holy books, sings Aartis at Pujas and has several chalisas memorized for more than 10 yrs (I’m 17). But really what makes me a better Hindu is that I’ll forgive Katy for her lack of facts. Again religion should be celebrated and shared. Hating isn’t and never should be an option.

Thank you for reading! 

-Avneesh Madan

(I just checked the picture and people are still arguing 😐 seriously. They should realize that they’re displaying a bad image of our country outside, news people have already seen and covered it.)


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