DAY 28

Sky stained in the hues of red.

The bitter aromas of the chamomile spread.

Analgesics hidden behind the book.

Twisted necks trying to look.

Smell of people with fake accents

and voices of people with fake scents.

Blank sheets hanging from cream walls.

Classify life unlike life, those halls.

Black hair pins hidden in the back drawers.

Crushed yellow pages are curelessly torn.

Coal trying to erase blue ink.

Twisted brains trying to think .

Unrecognisable portraits sitting on the floor.

Spoiled water sank them all.

The phantoms are slaughtering onions.

The demons on detour are funnier.

Not trying to whitewash the graffiti on the ceilings.

You are like salmon drowning in feelings.


Oh dear! So you demolished the store.

(Did you find me?)

I was hidden behind the door.



Mysterious riddles; Can you solve them?

Thank you for reading ❤
-Avneesh Madan


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