This is one my favorite poems. I hope you like it!


The bright sun,

My eyelids warm

I find myself in a grassland.

My eyes open in pain,

Body, unable to move

A paralysis that doesn’t seem to amend.

As I hold back

My fatigue inside my temple

I move my vision to the corner.

Soon blows a zephyr

Rings no chime

Rather making this heaven warmer

Around me

I see that flower

Which doesn’t seem to annoy me.

Like a noble

Radiant in solitude

Lampranthus, I believe.

Gleaming Violet,

The lonesome stood strong

Claiming the world’s Royalty.

Bringing forth,

Its vibrant leaves

Losing none of its vitality.

~ Shining Flower

Steadily Bloom

In an array of colourful doom ~

All stars are outshined

All sweets embitter

All Joys are lost

And so,

All Flowers must wither.

Thorny Vines,

Rising from the ground

Spread all across their might.

Little Lampranthus

Could not impose a battle

Petal by Petal, It vanished in bright light.

For a moment

I thought I should

Close my eyes in pity,

How could Lampranthus

Such a meek being now

Could regain its dignity.

Eternal Light

Shone from the wreath

Changing all its hope in glory,

Grew and grew

To the sky high

Bloomed at the peak, reached – Holy.

~ Shining Flower

Steadily Bloom

In an array of colourful doom ~

Stay Strong

My Friends

This life is like the sea

Rising up, crashing down

We can shine again



Stay Strong

My Friends

With this

Lampranthus ends.


(In the poem, Lampranthus was able to again, But the real question is… Can you shine again?)  



Thank you for reading❤
-Avneesh Madan



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